Léa Seydoux - Prada Candy Florale Perfume - 2014


Xavier Dolan



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Come with me. Come on.


This is fake. They haven’t been sat on that rock for 50 years. If you look closely you can clearly see her swimsuit is different in the second photo, it has stripes on it. And the guy’s shorts seem to have a more floral pattern in the latter photo.Also, if someone sat on a rock for 50 years, it would have made the news. My theory is, they simply returned to the same location 50 years later, and recreated the original photo.


In truth, he rescued me, Your Grace. More than once.

7/200 MALE CHARACTERS RICK GRIMES (the walking dead)
I don’t know if you look at me with what, sadness? scorn? pity? love? Maybe it’s just indifference. I guess you already know I’m not much of a believer. I guess I just chose to put my faith elsewhere. Family mostly. And friends. My job. Thing is, we … I could use a little something to help keep us going. Some kind of acknowledgement. Some indication I’m doing the right thing. You don’t know how hard that is to know. Or maybe you do. Look, I don’t need all the answers. Just a little nudge. A sign. Any sign will do.

"I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best."

 Frida Kahlo by Nickolas Muray, 1939 (via)


i want this tattoo’d all over my body